COGBUG is a new mechanical gearboard tabletop game created in Estonia!

PLACE cogs, SPIN systems and MOVE Your buttons the fastest across the field to Your opponent’s base in order to win! 

COGBUG is a new mechanical gearboard tabletop game created in Estonia!

PLACE cogs, SPIN systems and MOVE Your buttons the fastest across the field to Your opponent’s base in order to win! 

The road to victory is not easy: the trails may not be straight and Your opponents will do anything to stop You!

A wooden game treated with natural linseed oil. No hazardous chemicals, plastic parts or separate packaging. Handcraft made in Estonia.

Develops logical thinking – like a small bit of programming in the real world. A fantastically unique gift for for young people of all ages!

Regular cardboard games are about ~500% more expensive from manufacturing.[1][2] Cogbug gives You way more bang for Your bucks!

You can choose to fight for your own victory or work with others to prevent others from winning prematurely. It’s Your conscience!

The Magic of Repetitive Play – Cogbug rules have many variations, which is why at Your 42th game still offers exciting challenges!


Price: 42€* 49€

    • 7×7 gameboard with 49 spots,
    • 28 different cogwheels (cogs in short),
    • 1 bag for cogs,
    • 2 Joker cogwheels (Mastercogs in short),
    • 3 blue, 3 red, 3 green and 3 yellow game buttons,
    • 4 colored game button base stations,
    • 5 black blockers (also known as bugs).
    • Game manual (EST/ENG)
Dimensions: 35 x 7 x 16 cm | Weight: 1.1 kg 


Price: 27€* 33€

    • 6×6 gameboard with 36 spots,
    • 28 different cogwheels (cogs in short),
    • 2 Joker cogwheels (Mastercogs in short),
    • 3 blue, 3 red, 3 green and 3 yellow game buttons,
    • 5 black blockers (also known as bugs).
    • Game manual (EST/ENG)
Dimensions: 23 x 16 x 6.5 cm | Weight: 0.6 kg 

Delivery outside of Estonia: 3 to 10 workdays
* Only when ordering from here

What do Cogbug players think?

Positive! Turning gears is fun: you can really mess up the game for others. 😀
We had such an interesting team work, where we had discussions like "Aha, OK... if I put my bug over here and you put it there, then this player can't win so fast" and similar conversations. 😀
Anyway, very nice! Do recommend!

Laura Kiili Teacher, cultural worker

Who wouldn't want to spin gears and watch the whole game board turn around? This makes the game mechanics 😉 unusual and exciting. At the same time, minimalist rules make learning easy and allows advanced users to try many modifications of the rules in turn. Gears are just sexy - especially if they have the right tooth shape that avoids too much flaking and jamming. A light pattern of laser cutting adds to the beautiful natural tone of the wood, resulting in wood-punk.

Johannes Heinsoo Quantum Mechanics engineer (photo: J. Lütolf)

I like that this game is so beautiful to the eye, something unique, and it's so awesome that you can play both friendly or throwing in the spokes.

A very cool game that can be purchased without packaging 🤘

Kaarin Hein Biologist, mother (photo: E. Lumi)

We went on a weekly trip with friends and took a board game with us every night, but in the end we only played Cogbug every night!

Taavi Hein Electronics engineer
    Laura Kiili Pedagoog, kultuurikorraldaja

    Positiivne! Hammasrataste keeramine on lõbus ja teistele saab vahvalt käru keerata. 😀
    Meil tekkis nii huvitav meeskonnatöö, kus arutleti, et “ahaa okei kui mina panen enda takisti siia ja sina paned sinna, siis see mängija ei saa võita nii kähku” jms vestlused. 😀
    Igatahes väga tore, kiidusõnad!

    Johannes Heinsoo Kvantmehaanika insener (foto: J. Lütolf)

    Kes ei tahaks keerata üht hammasratast ja vaadata, kuidas terve mängulaud ümber pöörab? See teeb mängu mehaanika 😉 ebatavaliseks ja põnevaks. Samas minimalistlikud reeglid teevad õppimise lihtsaks ja lubavad edasijõudnudtel proovida vahelduseks paljusid reeglite modifikatsioone. Hammasrattad on lihtsalt seksikad - eriti kui neil on see õige hamba kuju, mis väldib liiga suured loksud ja kinnikiilumised. Puidu ilusale loomulikule toonile lisab punki kerge muster laserlõikusest ja tulemuseks on puidu-punk.

    Kaarin Hein Bioloog ja ema (foto: E. Lumi)

    Mulle meeldib, et see mäng on silmale nii ilus, midagi omanäolist, ja see on äge, et saab mängida nii sõbralikult kui ka kaikaid kodaratesse loopida.

    Väga äge mäng, mida muuhulgas saab soetada pakendivabalt 🤘
    Endal olemas ka, kui keegi tahab oma silmaga näha. 😉

    Taavi Hein Elektroonikaettevõtte juhatuse liige, PLD elektroonikainsener

    Käisime sõpradega nädalasel reisil ja võtsime igaks õhtuks lauamängu kaasa, aga mängisime lõpuks igal õhtul ainult Keerdkäiku!

      Example playthrough

      Background story

      The idea for the game started at the end of 2017, when the team from SPARK Makerlab created the interactive Mechanical Wall. The experience was valuable to all of us, and Tamme High School got its own 3-meter wide version. On the other hand, it was a very complex product that took an insane amount of time from everyone. In addition, the wall lost its novelty moment too fast.

      Tarvo (pictured) looked for a way to popularize engineering in a similar “hands-on” way. With the help of two students from Pallas Art School, the first 2-player prototype of Cogbug was created together in the spring of 2018. In August 2019, Tarvo took the game off the shelf, made it a game for 2-4 players, and turned the playground into a suitcase. The rest is already visible here.

      It is important for us to popularize engineering and enrich the local high-quality board game landscape. Since we do not need to pay a separate publisher, we can offer the game on very favorable terms! Support our venture and in this way you also support our principles!

      Tarvo Metspalu

      Game developer

      My daily work is related to the development of smart city technology. On the other hand, I have also been popularizing science for the last 10 years. Cogbug is my hobby project, with which I hope to enrich the logical thinking of you and your friends and relatives, increase your interest in engineering and gain new educational experiences from the whole process of creating and publishing a game.


      Caution! Not suitable for children under the age of 3!

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