Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Of course! If it is your turn, you can position the blocker during the action. In this case, you can no longer reposition the cogs.

Yes, you can lift the cog in place, turn it to your desired position and then put it back. It counts as a place type of activity. After that, you can still use the turn type of activity.

For two (less for three or four) users, it may be the case that players act regularly and with the same movement while remaining in the second category. There are several solutions to this “crashed” game:

  • First of all, if You have an older set of rules, which allow the use of up to 5 blockers/bugs, limit their amount down to PLAYERS minus one (3 blockers for 4 players, 2 blockers for 3 and 1 for 2).
  • Just like chess: when players do identical actions during their turn 3 times in a row, the game ends with a draw.
  • If you have a two player game and you agreed that you cannot use the trails with other colors than the colors you have chosen, try the alternative rule. For example, if the game is about BLUE vs RED, agree that you can both move on the GREEN trails, but cannot use the YELLOW trails. This way you have more options for moving and blocking becomes harder as well.
  • When playing a three player game, make an agreement that you can all use the trails of the color that was not chosen by a player.
  • Use an additional “graveyard” or “scrapyard” rule: once in hiduring Your turn, You may “throw away” a cog and perform no other action. The graveyard can hold up to 12 cogs. If removing cogs is not enough, you can also have an agreement that you can remove blockers/bugs in the same manner.

In summary, You can deal with any problem as You do in real life: come up with a solution with the help of others or whine to no avail – it’s up to You! 😉

The game box and buttons are lasercut, which gives the pieces a smokey scent. This is not harmful to humans, but if it really bothers You, put the pieces into a bag together with baking soda and let it do its magic in a week or a few before taking the pieces out and cleaning them with a brush. The second option would be to wash the pieces with pumice liquid soap and a brush. This method has not been tested by the author, but it should work.

The game box and buttons are also treated with natural cold pressed refined linseed oil that is not harmful to humans nor nature.

The first drying of linseed oil takes 1-7 days and the final drying takes 1-3 months. Then the specific odor disappears.

Linseed oil properties:

  • A non-toxic natural product
  • With a pleasant natural oil aroma
  • Emphasizes the beauty of wood by giving it a light silky shine
  • Prevents wood splitting
  • Protects the surface from dirt and moisture
  • Contains no biocides or solvents
  • Ideal for processing home-made wood items
  • Suitable for processing food contact objects

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